Friday, August 24, 2007

Channel 4 - Cameron was right on NHS closures

Channel 4, not normally noted as any great supporter of the Conservtaive Party, has run an interesting piece in which they independently assess the threat to hospital up and down the country. Surprisngly they conclude that Cameron is justified to claim that they face closure. When the NHS Trusts denied this (as well they might) both Labour and the LibDems jumped on this to rubbish the whole of the Tory NHyeS campaign. Now Channel 4's factcheck says that even the case of the hospital in Bellingham's North West Norfolk seat is being discussed for closure, despite the local MP claiming otherwise and issuing an apology. So, it concludes, Cameron was right over the threat to the NHS.

I wonder if those who jumped on this issue for their own political ends will issue an apology? Don't hold your breath.


Anonymous said...

Its a well known fact that many small NHS community hospitals face closure or rationalisation. What I beleive the critism was of a Conservative researcher who raise the closure campaign at a community hospital that was actually staying open.

The Conservatives have played politics IMO with NHS community hospitals. What that have not picked up is the pattern of disinvestment and rationalisation occuring with NHS mental health service, especially in East Anglia.

Glaven and Thume modern wards have been mothballed and closed for the last few years. I would not be surprised if their is not an announcement soon for the complete closure of the Hellesden mental health site in Norwich and transfer of NHS mental health services to Northgate in Great Yarmouth and other sites. Watch this space!

Anonymous said...

The likes of Norfolk Blogger will never apologise for anything. They are the smug arrogant face of the LibDems that stop people on the left, like me, from voting for them. As you know Anthony I am no Tory but I hate his sneering attitude too. At this rate I will be voting Clarke again next time.