Thursday, August 30, 2007

Newsnight puts Cameron on a roll

The left-leaning editors of Newsnight must be kicking themselves this morning. His interview last week was meant to see Cameron being giving a damn good kicking by a bevvy of presenters including attack-dog Michael Crick, suavve Mark Urban and brainbox Stephanie Flanders. They chose some tricky subjects and some very complex questions - including some very personal ones about Ms Flander's private life.

Instead of crumbling under pressure, Cameron gave a very strong performance. He was calm, intelligent and very coherent. Even when the presenters wanted to debase some very serious issues I felt that Cameron took everything in his stride. The real plus side was the wonderful coverage he has recieved today, especially regarding his immigration statements.

This extended interview could have been a real blow if Cameron had wobbled - but he didn't. He has come out of it looking like he really does have a handle on politics at the moment. Autumn election looking less likely now, I'd say.


Anonymous said...

Personally I am, and wouldn't think first time buyers, are particularly reassured by Conservative party front bench comments that they have no solution for building the required 3 million extra houses that will bring supply/demand back into balance. Whilst urban and brownfield areas should be built on first, greenbelt in conservative areas should not be out of the equation. This smells of double standards.

The alternatives are to crowd people into 30 storey urban high rise ghettos or to expel all non EU immigrants. What is the Conservative solution (as a future government) other than do to propose nothing, play the popular NIMBY political card and whinge over others solutions?

Anonymous said...

The Daily Telegraph Reported today, the Cameron battle bus had broken down and that Cameron et al were staring a defeat in the face. The YouGov poll was commissioned by the Daily Telegraph. If the Daily Telegraph is doubtful of a conservative win, the alarm bells must be sounding, or has Cameron upset someone at the DT on Grammar School perhaps?

Only 24% thought Cameron was a good leader, whilst 30% thought Brown were dissatisfield with Brown. Thats You Gov for the Daily telegraph.

IMO Brown and Cameron have cancelled out the issues of crime, immigration, NHS, Iraq and education.

People are billions, sorry trillions in debt(Private domestic debt more than National GDP now), extortionate house prices and little affordable housing, increasing mortgages, reduced pension annuities on the horizions, food, electricity and fuel cost rising, rail and bus prices up, gun carrying or largely cantankerous hoodies on the doorstep. The day to day, here and now personal concerns of the vast majority.

To most Brown seems like the only one with a proficient economic record to address these fear. Conservatives don't want to tackle and resolve the housing demand, certainly in the South East. It upsets their Core leafy vote in places like Sussex and Berkshire. What chance on the rest?

Thus Senior Tories concede and fear a snap Brown election.