Thursday, April 01, 2010

Osborne does it again

There are few people who believe anything other than Osborne's Inheritance Tax announcement (and the subsequent Tory poll hike) put the Prime Minister off calling an election that he might have done.

Now, after some Tory wobbles, the Shadow Chancellor does it again.

His well-handled announcement that the Tories would half Labour's NI tax rise started it all. This great policy would not only remove one barrier to job creation but would financially benefit both low and middle earners. It was fully costed and without holes.

Then Osborne pulled off an excellent performance on the "Ask the Chancellors" debate against a stale Darling and rather-too-pleased-with-himself Vince Cable. He even got the real Chancellor into a real spin over Labour's death tax plans.

Now, just as it was all calming down, the Tories revealed dozens of top business leaders who back their plans and whom represent some of the biggest names in the UK, like M&S, Sainsbury, Mothercare & Next. A nice coup - but there is may have ended.

Mr Osborne then got a helping hand - in the shape of the normally sure footed Lord Mandelson. For some reason, Lord M decided to accuse the business leaders of being duped. Oh dear. It gave those business leaders the chance to come out and say that Labour were running down business and the economy was safest in Tory hands.

And tonight more and more businesses have come out for a Cameron-Osborne leadership of the economy.

Most of the polls have shown that this week support has shifted back to the Conservatives. Has George Osborne done it again for the party?


James Laughlin said...

Grounds for Gordon to bottle it again, wait until the last minute and make my trip back to England all but useless?

Antony said...

Thanks James - look forward to seeing you in Norwich South soon! When are you back?

Red Star said...

George Osborne has not done it for me. The only thing he has confirmed is there is a credibility gap between his announcements and the the amount of money needed to save. There will be a shortfall in public spending of over £15 billion and the only way to plug it (following the Conservative announcment) is to raise taxes or cut spending. I think based on the ideological predilection of the Conservatives our public services will be cut.

Don't say I didn't warn you.

Antony said...

Of course George hasn't done it for you - you have the poster name of "red Star"!!!

and don't forget according to one party's Treasury spokesman these cuts will be worse than Thatcher's - now, who was that???