Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Best Line of the Campaign (So Far...)

Unsuspecting Tory Canvasser: Can we count on your support at this election?
Voter: Young man, that is a very personal question. You wouldn't knock on my door and ask the size of my *****, would you?

What do you say to that?

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Left Libertarian said...

To be honest I never tell anyone who I will be voting for as I feel its personal to me. Plus I like to keep people guessing!

One thing is for sure... The amount of Tory posterboards I have seen where I live makes the local Conservatives in Norwich South seem like an endangered species.

I have to agree with Iain Dale's analysis that you will probably not win Norwich South. Plus, we have too many socially deprived areas which require state intervention like for example New Deal, Conservatives and the Minimum Wage both of which the Conservatives were against.

I can remember because they campaigned against it back in 1997. Did you also campaign against it?