Monday, April 05, 2010

Don't mention the Q-word (unless it's quality...)

Don't take this as sign of bad parenting or anything, but Emily had a slight accident on the stairs and we had to take her to A&E at the Norwich & Norfolk. She couldn't walk properly (or at times at all) and has a problem with her ankle. Nothing a few days of ice, sitting around watching TV and all of the Dinsey Princess DVDs can't sort out.

However I would like to comment on our trip to A&E - sometimes the most bemoaned of all the NHS services. Now I know it was lunchtime on Bank Holiday Monday but the waiting room was quite full. We were seen within minutes by a triage nurse who was both very caring with Emily (who was in a lot of discomfort) but also treated Louise and I like humans even though we didn't understand the medial terminology. Emily had to go for an X-ray and was seen straight away. The process was fast and efficient - the staff so friendly and they really took the time to explain things to you properly. We were in and out within an hour and my daughter - who was born at the N&N - was in the best possible hands the whole way through. The service from the reception staff onwards was excellent. When parties run campaigns - from NHSYes to #welovethenhs this is exactly the type of feeling they wish to tap into.

So we come to the blog post title ... when we were waiting in A&E I thought I had whispered to Louise, "It's quiet here today", but the staff nurse overheard and told me off for using the Q-word lest a hoard of people suddenly descend upon A&E!!

The only Q word I'd use for our experience today is quality - well done NHS.

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Comrade said...

Hope "little-un" is patched up and on the mend.