Tuesday, April 06, 2010

General Election Campaign Launched

The Conservatives have launched their campaign to see Chloe Smith re-elected as MP for Norwich North and Antony Little elected as MP for Norwich South.

The pair will be joined at The Forum by Shadow Health Secretary Andrew Lansley – the man whom David Cameron has said will be the new Health Secretary in a Conservative government. Mr Lansley, himself an East Anglian Conservative MP, will be holding a half hour meeting with a small group of Norwich older voters, from a range of local organisations, to take their soundings on Conservative proposals to provide dignity for senior citizens.

The races here in Norwich are likely to be amongst the most fascinating in the country, after Chloe Smith dramatically snatched the Norwich North seat from Labour at a by-election last July. And all the signs point to a photo finish in Norwich South where local teacher and city Councillor Antony Little is taking on disgraced former Minister Charles Clarke.

Chloe Smith said: “I have spoken in Norwich and Parliament about the need for plans that add up on social care. It is a vital issue and one on which we all have a real choice at the general election. In Norwich, this election is about picking two local champions with a record of action and a promise of more. It is a choice: five more years of Gordon Brown or the kind of energy and leadership we need, locally and nationally."

Antony Little said: “At last we have a date for the General Election and a chance for people to vote for change in our country. Locally people tell us that Labour have run their course and they want fresh leadership from an MP with the real-life experience to make a difference. It can’t be right that in a city like Norwich we still have real pockets of poverty, fear of crime and overstretched public services. We plan to run a positive campaign outlining why people should vote for us as Conservative candidates based on our plans for the future.”

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