Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Campaign Diary - Day Fifteen

Who are these people that are switching to the LibDems?

No, really, who are they? I am not disbelieving the polls but if there had been a sea-change of opinion you might have thought we would be feeling it on the streets by now. I spoke to a Green canvasser I met today and also to a friend of mine on the Labour campaign and none of us had picked it up, so it isn't just us. Yes, more people are being "out and out" LibDems but most of those said they were LibDem anyway. OK those people who say "I'll read all the stuff and see how I feel on the day" are usually LibDem but we're not having Conservatives switching. In fact, today we found several Liberals coming the other way. As I say, I'm not doubting the movement but it does seem like a media-poll narrative that hasn't hit the streets (yet).

I spent the morning teaching and then the afternoon helping a team canvassing in Sunningdale and then doing two areas of Town Close in the evening. Response was very good indeed and issue raised included public sector pensions, immigration, Europe and differences in experiences on the NHS in different areas of the country.

p.s. Best thing about today's canvassing was knocking on the door of an old uni friend I haven't seen in years and didn't even know was living back in Norwich! Funny old world, sometimes!


Red Star said...

So Antony, do you honestly believe you can win Norwich South? I for one seem to think your chances of winning are becoming smaller by the day.

Also Iain Dale doesn't seem to think you will win in Norwich South either.
(I agree with his analysis in this case, although most of the time he does seem out of his depth when it comes to politics. Perhaps reflects the fact he has never studied Politics and decided to do German instead at the UEA back in the 1980s.)

Generally from the people I have been talking to - you are not going to win here. CCHQ does seem to favour Norwich North over Norwich South.
Also finally, you do not have enough people to help out in your campaign.

Plus, there does seem to he a lot more poster boards of Greens and Labour in Norwich South. I have counted only 4 Conservatives, and one of those was a trip to see relatives in New Costessey. Didn't see many there either.

Antony said...

I do think we can win, we have plenty of support and activists and our canvassing suggests it is going to be very tight - and we've covered the seat from Costessey to Thorpe and Mancroft to Town Close.

Ned Lamb said...

Redstarr is MEANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN but agree, but im going to

have to get those poster boards up antony, the streets need to feel it, its why iain dale lost in north norfolk, cons only get huge poster boards up in huge farms that make it appear thy are very popular but really its just money and large land. seems to be very positive about my old man now. Negativity about LDs isnt the way forward mate. Its gonna happen in the sencond tv debate, so predictable so boring, so unbelievably obvious tactics taking place from cons and labour, clearly havent got enough ammo themselves.

regardless of the fact im a LD,

norwich south is gonna hilariously close, the winner is gonna have like 10000 votes, rediculous, but never mind, so many parties,

Left Libertarian said...

Antony I feel that Norwich South is traditionally a safe Labour seat excluding the results back in the 1980s. Furthermore I feel that you will have to convince the traditional Labour voters to turn to you and not vote for either the Lib Dems or Greens.

I for one feel that the issue of day centers, street lights, and unitary will be a determining factor to some degree. Possibly also the commitment to the NDR, the wider issue of transport such as public transport and Norwich airport, and new developments orbiting the city centre may also swing voters one way or the other. This is where the Green support may either go up or down depending on where the voter stands on these issues.

I understand that you have voiced your personal concerns over the issue of day centers, and street lights but maintain that Norfolk County Council is in your opinion a top rate council. I feel that Norfolk County Council could be more compassionate to the elderly, and the vulnerable in our society and feel that they should be more committed to removing inequality and child poverty.

We still have far too many areas in Norwich South which have higher than average youth unemployment, and social deprivation. I don't think Cameron's 'big society' template will solve the issue, nor giving married couples £3 a week. I for one come from a single parent background and I didn't do too bad for myself. The issue is how we remove such barriers to success and ending child poverty. I am afraid during this election campaign the Conservatives have not told me how you would go about achieving this, or stated this as a goal or aspiration.

John D said...

Antony, Hi

I think that you have a tough fight on your hands in Norwich South but it is very winnable for you.

I have watched the two TV debates with interest and agree that Nick Clegg came across well BUT it is extremely easy to be all things to all men!! I would be interested to actually understand what LibDems stand for.. they seem rather confused to me and from reading their mainfesto the numbers just do not add up and the ideas seem good in theory but terrible in reality.

I was pleased that you knocked on our door in person the other night. In all honesty you are the only party to do so.. where are you Charles et al!?!?! Keep talking to people and they will be won over by you and the parties ideas .. we are all in this together! keep knocking on the doors and I hope you win. You have my vote now.

Anonymous said...

Ned old boy.Good points. .tend to agree

Re: Strasbourg, Stuttgatt, Tubtown.

Why is Louise more popular than Antony?

SamCam more popular than David Cameron.

Probably because they are putting on less political faces/masks..and the public know it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dad tells it as it is!