Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Campaign Diary - Day Eight Part II

In my genuine political excitement by the Tory manifesto (yes I want more power, I want more control over those who deliver my services, I want less government in my life and I want more say over how my money is spent) I had forgotten to fill you with what we had been up to!!

This morning was another early start - when are they not - and we headed straight out to the doorsteps of the City Centre to test the public opinion. There was a lot of Conservative support but here, far more than other places we have visited, many people wanted to hang fire and see the Tory manifesto before making a judgement. One interesting story to share - one gentleman said he was fed up with cries of "change"; the Greens, he said, offered change - but it was the wrong sort of change. "Being different doesn't make you right," he warned.

From the City and Thorpe Hamlet it was great to get together with Conservatives from across the East of England because Norwich was hosting the regional manifesto launch. We welcomed David Willetts, Shadow Universities Secretary, to the City and he made a passionate and humerous speech to activists. It was another high profile media event and a third senior Conservative in a week shows how seriously we are taking this seat. There's more to come in the next week too!

And with activists gathered, there was little to do afterwards than to head mob handed to the doorsteps and we went into Wensum and along the Dereham Road. We got a very friendly response and the issues raised included reform of the benefits system, education and anti-social behaviour.

Another day where I end up tired but happy!

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