Thursday, April 08, 2010

Day Three - Campaign Diary

Some days turn out just like you expect them to - and others, well, don't.

This morning's efforts at Norwich Station were well recieved - as predicted yesterday we got some smiles from the same commuters seeing us twice! From there we went on the doors in Eaton; and it was great to see the first of many blue posters going up in gardens. And then the call came - David Cameron was on his way to Sprowston High School to focus on some elements of Conservative plans for National Citizen Service. The head there - Andrew John - really has done an exceptional job at the school and it was a great place to show off what could be done if we provide the right opportunities for our young people. I met with David Cameron and he was very supportive of our campaign and very keen to see me replace Mr Clarke as our MP here in Norwich South. Mr Cameron really does have a great grasp of what is needed, both in education and the country as a whole. Having your party leader express such faith in your campaign really does give you a boost!

From there over to the Golden Triangle where we were meeting voters around the Unthank Road area. Despite claims but some parties about who is where in the public standing, the people I met were split between all four parties - and more, I met my first BNP voter. It was a worrying moment, but the voter said it was all he had left; after voting Tory in the 80s, Labour in the 90s, LibDems in the 00s and the Greens locally he believed we had all failed and the BNP was the only way he could make his voice heard. I spoke to him for some time and after chatting about the reality of BNP policies I left him thinking again. It shows all parties have a job to do in raising debate. There was better news as we picked up an extra member and got a new Conservative registered to vote!

This evening was spent on the doorsteps around Newmarket Road where a host of issues were raised - from inheritance tax to the voting system (I think my A Level Politics teacher knowledge of this shocked the resident!!). There was a lot of Conservative support today, but boy were the drives long and I need an early night!

One last piece of good news - LibDem Simon Wright has now agreed to the Clean Campaign Pledge. I hope his election material matches what he has just signed up to! Well done to all of the candidates, the people of Norwich South will appreciate this and hopefully the standard of debate will be better for it.

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