Thursday, September 28, 2006

Well Done Jane

Whilst some people bitch throughout blogworld, I'd like to congratulate Jane Ellison for being selected as Conservative candidate in ultra-marginal London seat of Battersea. Elected on an open primary (with the vote of BBC reporter Michael Crick, I believe) Jane is the choice of the constituency.

I met Jane during her massive efforts in the 1997 Uxbridge by-election and we've enjoyed drinks at conferences since. Jane is fun, hard working and good value - unlike some on the so-called A-List. I'm thrilled that she'll be on the green benches soon, and Jane is exactley the kind of person the party needs to push forward.

Well done Battersea, and well done Jane!


Anonymous said...

She seems determined to win, it was an impressive short list, let's hope she succeeds.

Antony said...

Jane is a woman who makes the A List look like a good idea.