Monday, September 25, 2006

Full Council tomorrow night

What's on the Agenda tomorrow - meeting 7.30pm at City Hall:

1. Presentation on Norwich in Bloom
2. Lord Mayor's Announcements
3. Presentation of Long Service Awards
4. Declaration of Interest
5. Questions from the Public (always interesting if there are any)
6. Petitions (ditto)
7. Minutes
8. Questions to the Executive (I am asking about parking in Three Score and Eve is asking about the cost of the Unitary Bid).
9. Statutory Accounts for the Year 05-06 (watch the sparks fly)
10. Report of the Joint Waste Committee (very interesting)
11. Waste Alleviation
12. Constitutional Report (a public yawn)
13. Post Offices Motion (moved by LibDem Cllr Lubbock)
14. Referendum on Unitary Motion (moved by Conservative Cllr Little)
15. Nottingham Declaration on Climate Change Motion (moved also by Cllr Little)
16. Development of Sport Motion (moved by LibDem Deputy Leader Cllr Watkins)

Still nothing much from the Labour benches.
SHould be a good meeting, do come along if you can.

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