Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Ian Couzens quits

Our media team have just released this:

Commenting on the news that Councillor Ian Couzens has resigned as Leader of the Liberal Democrat Group on Norwich City Council, Conservative Group Leader Councillor Antony Little said:

”First and foremost we should thank Ian for all of his work as a Councillor for a great number of years. Anybody that goes into public service – let alone being a party leader for 10 years or heading up an authority – deserves a pat on the back for their work.”

“However, Councillor Couzens did not enjoy much success as Council Leader and his legacy will be a massive financial black hole and a failure to progress on several key areas. His administration was plagued by problems which ultimately led to their election failure last May.”

“The LibDems must now choose a new leader of the opposition, but I fear whoever they choose will not be able to move their party away from a reputation for poor financial management.”

“With this new Labour council needing a strong opposition, it is increasingly clear that it is coming from a Conservative Party renewed by a strong leadership.”


Anonymous said...

You would have got more hits by titling this post "LibDem Leader Quits!"... ;)

Anonymous said...

Cllr. Couzens/ with Cllr. Cooke were behind the expensive £250 million/10yr expensive CityCare contract that will hang over Norwich like a Millstone until 2014, and does not help Norwich' pathetic Green Box system and may be a huge barrier to reorganising any future recycling systems to catch up with other councils in Norfolk. The City Council needs to renegociate this contract to get better value and services. Cllr Couzens/Cooke gave Norwich a bad long term deal.