Thursday, September 28, 2006

Is Sue Sands really an assasin?

I like Sue Sands. Sorry, but I do. I've met her frequently on the doorstep (before I knew she was a Labour candidate and at at least 2 election she said she'd vote for me). I'm assuming that she lied, but I cannot help but like her still.

Sue is now the newly elected Labour Councillor for Sewell Ward in the North of Norwich, better known as the Silver Triangle. At Tuesday's Council meeting she laid down a rather vicious question regarding our policy on traveller's - only she seemed to make up our policy and then asked the Labour executive to cost it. A waste of taxpayers money went into researching that, another opposition Councillor declared very loudly during the meeting. Now, I'm very thick skinned and she clearly asked the question without any sign of malice and so I have to say ... I still like Sue Sands.

But, following an interesting conversation with a local journo it has come to light that Labour is now officially "out to get me". Oh dear, I'm terrified. Perhaps Cllr Morphew's piss poor efforts on Tuesday were the start of that policy? No, I'm told Cllr Sands question was. I'm not sure I care either way. But even more interesting is that I am told that Labour are targeting the Tories, rather than either LibDems of Greens.

Why? Because we're the only real opposition they get in the chamber. They are annoyed by us a great deal. But mostly because we stand to pick up their seats at the next poll.

A totally bizarre choice of assasin ... but I still can't bring myself to care about it ... and I still like Sue Sands.


Anonymous said...

One knows when people are "out to get you", it is out of "fear", fear that you posess the logical counter arguements of policy. e.g Travellers, Congestion Charges, Fight for the ASB vote and credibility, Exposure on Dodgy council spending, Unitary Status, Poor Recycling and lack of action, Labour fear Cllr Little most on ASB because its their ground and they are failing in their wards where "drugs" are generating huge local fears and anger. Greens and Liberals are not a threat to labour because they are liberal on drugs and grafitti is art for them. Labour talk of new wardens and partnership. Labour voters want rapid action and targeted results to root out dealers and yobs in their neighbourhoods.

Anonymous said...

And root out Poor Recycling, our local poor deserve better

Anonymous said...

Neighbourhoods are impoverished in their Quality of Life, when whilst they are paying their share of Council Tax; the Council is not delivering on the ground with Recycle Bins, repairing signs, the Flat Intercoms, designing out ASB and Drugs. If usually takes 5-20mins to get through to the Council on 212212 line, wow great start, with lack of direct contact to Council Officers to sort problems out. Officers need to earn their money and not shoulder responsibily to lesser paid receptionist and assistants.

Better Communications are required with responsible officers and staff; rather than excuses that they are on holidays, off ill, they are in a meeting or site visit, its a contractors responsibility, contact your ward councillor. The Council needs to convert public/residents input into prompt delivery/remedy on the ground. The Council needs a Central Delivery Director who gets on the back of every Officer to deliver cost effective results on the ground, and scutinise inaction, inefficiency, wasted cash and highlight poorly performing Officers, Counctractors and Department. It used to be called the Chief Executive Officer, but the last one was very poor and weak, and not worth her salary/benefits

Antony said...

...either that or Labour realise that I'm the man to beat at the moment.

Anonymous said...

Not sure about they. Maybe its either the attacks on their weak policies or they reckon you will stand against a weakened Charles Clarke at the next Geneneral election...?

Anonymous said...

Hi Antony,
I was told that you had written a blog with my name in it so curiosity got the better of me. By the way, 'assassin' has one more 's'(it's the teacher in me I'm afraid) and I'm not sure that I'd call myself one of them either.I'm not really the sort of person who goes out of her way to say nasty things about other people; however I am interested in the people of Norwich and even though you're not too taken with my choice of political party, I do come very much from a working class background and I feel that I can hopefully make a difference in Sewell ward. And 'anonymous', I do not consider Charles Clarke to be weakened - it's a pity you can't see further than the nearest tabloid.

Antony said...

Hi Sue - nice to know that so many of the Labour group read this blog! I wouldn't have believed that my thoughts and tit bits on politics would interest so many people.

As for the Q you put to Council ... you deliberately misinterpreted the motion to the previous council (and didn't even both to check with me before hand either). It was a ridiculous waste of council tax payers money to even bother answering it. Nothing more than shameless party politics. I am proud that all of the questions I have asked have been about issues that impact upon people's quality of life (transport, housing and parking) rather than party point scoring.

Whoever thought that one up (I don't believe for a moment it was you) should be ashamed of themselves. Which is why the EDP and the EEN refused to publish it!

I am sure you can make a difference in Sewell Ward and I am sure you have an interest in local people.

But putting down such shameful questions really is beneath you.

BTW the same also goes for the question put the month before by LibDem Cllr Thomas.

Anonymous said...

Sue Sands lives in a fantasy world over Charles Clarke. Like his exercise bike he promised many good intentions after losing the Home Office job but hasn't delivered yet. Why has Norwich's Drink and Drugs abuse risen rapidly as has ASB whilst he has been the MP and is he still undecided about incineration of waste.

He might be good ministerial stuff but he rarely gets back to he constituents on matters that concern them. The tabloids haven't covered this negligent aspect of Mr Clarke. Mr Clarke tried to reconnect at meetings around the city including Russell street only to get the hairdryer treatment from pensioners and labour faithfuls about ASB, crime and drugs. Sue Sands has been admiring her framed picture of Mr Clarke too much in the toilet I fear.

Anonymous said...

Sue Sands is a swinger. Be careful if you see her car keys lying about boys...