Friday, September 01, 2006


Having voted 'yes' on the Built to Last document via the internet yesterday I was pleased to be able to register my household to vote by telephone today. It was quick, efficient, secure and totally convenient. How unlike Norwich City Council...

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Anonymous said...

Well I started thinking Aye Aye, another typical Tory policy document. But, reading through the 8 areas of policy, I actually like the sounds of most of it. I think the acceptance that "Society" and "Communities" exists is positive, where Margaret had difficulty with these terms. A positive move as well a greater emphasis on communities, green technology and the environment. However,, with a Heading "Built to Last" it was a litle disappointing that the word "sustainability" only appeared once. Oh Well!

Personally, I would have liked to see more such as individuals being responsible as consumers and disposers and individual having a responsiblity/obligation to vote and engage in the democratic process.

Blair and Brown I actually see as policitally bankrupt and in paralysis, whereas, Built to Last at least has a score of new directions.