Friday, September 01, 2006

Shoemaker: Action sooner rather than later

In a world where pubs are decreasing in popularity, one derelict pub site has stood empty for months. The Shoemaker, in West Earlham, has been vandalised, had its windows smashed and is now a source of litter.

I recently visited the site and has spoken to local people about the pub. What is clear is that this site is becoming a magnet for anti-social behaviour and is an eye sore that the neighbours have to live with day in, day out.

I am pleased that fences have been put up after I reported this to the property team at City Hall. But that is only a short term measure. Local people are desperate for action on this site.

I understand that there are plans for a community centre here, or maybe housing. Whatever goes here, the site is now so untenable that action must be taken quickly.


Anonymous said...

Yes lets get more flats/ houses on in. We need them. We don't need another community centre, we have already have a community centre on Wilberforce Rd. Do we need 2x? Where is the money coming from? Possibly not.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps it would be wise to let this place degrade, in the interest of bringing the price of the derelict building down, to suit the council's needs. Thus making everyone happy, eventually. And saving some taxpayer's money.