Friday, September 01, 2006

Morphew under pressure: Council Leaders rally against Unitary

My post below on the "secret" MORI poll that Norwich City commissioned to ask the people of Broadland and South Norfolk what they thought about unitary (without telling those councils first) has hit the headlines in today's EDP.

You may be unsurprised to hear that Tory County Council Leader Shaun Murphy, Tory Broadland Council Leader Simon Woodbridge and Tory Leader at City Hall (me!) are all against this biased propaganda exercise. But what is most telling is LibDem Leader of South Norfolk Council, Vivian Clifford-Jackson, has also slammed the scheme.

Oh dear. The Tories are in full flight on this and the media is interested - if the left cannot unite on this, then the scheme is dead in the water.

p.s. It's not only South Norfolk LibDems who are splitting on this issue - I have been told by a reliable source that the Norwich Greens won't be able to support this scheme for much longer. Oh dear.


Anonymous said...

Erm..going Untiary is a no brainer!

Anonymous said...

Unitary Power v More Recycling.

What I really do not understand why spend money on a Unitary Status few want, whilst not injecting/ investing £000's in large Recycle Wheely Bins and Recycle Banks to drastically improve basic services, and making savings in money to landfill? Why not keep things simple