Friday, September 22, 2006

I'm back!

After my family difficulties and technical problems (the lap top blew up) I am now back blogging. I have to say that very little seems to have happened whilst I was gone.

Sir Ming attempted to relaunch his failed leadership (again). The bizarre story about Kennedy's failure to shake Campbell's hand shouldn't really worry the new Leader - not after he saw BBC One's Question Time. Kennedy could not have made it clearer that he seeks the leadership again.

John Reid was shouted down whilst delivering a message that Muslim parents should (shock horror) keep an eye on their children. Meanwhile, Party Chairmwoman Hazel Blears had been forced to call for calm. Is there any Labour MP at the moment who isn't seeking 44 signatures?

Cameron continues to lead in the polls - and has changed the party logo. I actually quite like the tree and, unlike the torch, I can do a pretty good free hand sketch. Cameron seems set to have a bust up over the size of his next government's tax cuts. But watch this space - if a senior CCHQ aid didn't leak that story I'd eat my own hat (after purchasing one). It reminds people that we are in favour of tax cuts whilst making Cameron look strong for standing up for public services.

Anyway, I've got a few weeks of blogs to catch up on!

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Anonymous said...

Hey, Antony, nice to hear your ack and blogging. I live in Norwich and enjoy your blogs. I know its party conference time the cameras are on Ming, Gordon and Dave and the issues and speeches are riveting. I would however like you comment as one of the more articulate Councillors on local issues of working in a school and the recent anti social behaviour issues being raised, and Tory policy and thoughts of how to improve our local world.