Wednesday, September 27, 2006

One Fantastic Day at the UEA

Today was the Fresher's Fayre at the UEA in Norwich. It is always an amazing sight at the various clubs and socs attempt to get students to part with £3. In recent years it has been tough going for the Tories at these events with students tending towards a left leaning option. Our previous membership high, I think, was around 50 under the Chairmanship of Ian Mackie, who is now a Tory Councillor in Thorpe St Andrew.

However, things looked better this year. Labour are collapsing, the LibDems are a joke. We has gorgeous Boris posters and T-Shirts around the place. Richard Davies is proving to be a pretty dynamic Chairman of UEA Conservative Future. And importantly the polls show a big rise in Tory support, even amongst young people.

The result of the day was outstanding even given those positives. We recruited 86 members - by far the most ever! The stall was swamped all day and people from all backgrounds seemed determined to sign up to Cameron's Conservatives.

Labour won't have an official society this year as they had less than 30 paid up members. The LibDems struggled also, even with (or despite) the presence of Fakenham Councillor Simon Wright and his two giant LibDem correx posters.

We await the news, but we even think we out-did the Greens.

It was one amazing day to be a UEA Tory and I think that things can only get better for us. We have Harwich MP Douglas Carswell coming to speak on Friday and I will be doing a small section on political life in Norwich too.

With the age of being a candidate set to fall to 18 soon, I hope a lot of our new recruits apply to stand in May 07 as well.


Anonymous said...

We Lib Dems didn't realise we struggled, nice of you to tell us.

Antony said...

Yes you did, well so one of the lovely young ladies on your stall told me. And everyone in the world was was listening.

Anyway, great to know you read the site. A LibDem Councillor said to me on council day last week that "no libdem reads your pile of trashy blog shite". Nice to know I can point to your comment and prove him wrong. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

How hilarious that you want people who have just joined a conservative society at university (that's right, not even the tory party) to stand for you in Norwich. Hardly surprising when you look at your popularity in this part of the world.