Wednesday, May 31, 2006

"Wright Watch" Part II

Well, that didn't take long. An e-mail arrives to point out that Councillor Wright (LibDem, Fakenham) appears to be modeling his political career on that of his full-tine boss, North Norfolk's MP Norman Lamb.

"By that I mean living in Norwich but claiming to represent people who live miles away."

Very true. By checking the electoral roll, Mr Lamb lives just off the Newmarket Road in Norwich South but represents North Norfolk. Councillor Wright lives in Eaton, on the south side of Norwich, and represents Fakenham - that's over 27 miles away and in a completely different local authority. I wonder how many of Cllr Wright's constituents know this?


Anonymous said...

As I recall, Iain Dale repeatedly made precisely that point about Norman Lamb at the General Election last year.

People care about the quality of representation they receive from their councillors and MPs. Lamb's result last year bore that out.

Antony said...

I absolutely agree about the qaulity of care issue - I lost in Bowthorpe twice when living there and won when I moved out.

But local Councillors are different to MPs and should be grounded in their specific communities. Cllr Wright doesn't even live in the authority let alone the ward. He sets the council tax which he doesn't have to pay!

Anonymous said...

Maybe thats a gd idea - he wuldn't be setting it stupidly low for anything to work, hehe.