Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Just what is Labour's views on Council Tax?

Just released:

Leading Norwich Conservative Antony Little has today welcomed the vast bulk of Labour’s new priorities for the City, but seriously questioned their commitment to keeping council tax down.

Commenting on the new political aims and aspirations document, released by new Council Leader Steve Morphew, Cllr Little said:

“We warmly welcome a lot of this document because it contains issues that all parties can agree on – including tackling anti-social behaviour, promoting recycling and cleaning up our communities.”

“However this document completely skirts around the issue of the council tax, failing to mention it even once. A lot of these schemes sound very expensive and Labour are coming into office without an aspiration – let alone a commitment – to keeping council tax down.”

“Unless Labour include an aim to keep down council tax in their political priorities list people can only conclude that council tax is set to rocket in Norwich.”

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