Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Best of the Blogs

It has been a good week for bloggers around here. Iain Dale (too many entries to link to, so just scroll down) has been in full persuit of Cherie Blair and her signed copy of the Hutton Report. In fact, Iain should take some credit for the issue finally hitting the headlines (and PMQs today).

Cambridge's finest and one-woman PR machine Ellee Seymour reports on the Conservative desires to be happy. Meanwhile, Tory blogger Kevin Davis muses on the new found Cameron lead on the issue of public services. Former PPC Marcus Wood has a good story about the LibDem decapitation strategy in Torbay - on themselves.

Finally, Norwich Tory Trevor Ivory asks what the point of election expenses is.

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Ellee Seymour said...

Hey, thanks for this, you are too kind.

I have mentioned the EDP story today
about local taggers removing their electronic devices. What did Charles Clarke do about it?

I have also written about the Iraqi tennis players murdered for wearing shorts. One tragedy after another, after another, I can't see it ending.