Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Diary Entries

It seems almost compulsory that I enter into an absolute rage at something Norwich City Council does everyday. Today it is the long running diary saga.

I am a City Councillor. I have a lot of meetings to attend, as a Councillor serving on committees and in the community I represent. I would rather like a small book to make a note of all the dates. Not too hard is it? Not so far. The Council provide us with diaries and they are better than the ones you buy at W H Smith because they contain all of the contact details and info about the council. Wow, two birds with one stone there then.

Apart from the fact that Council diaries seem to run September through to September and, yes you got it, ours aren't ready yet. The finanical year runs April through to April. The civic year runs May through to May. Yet the council bureaucracy runs September through to September.

Will I give in and buy one before then? Yes, clearly. Grrrrr!

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