Wednesday, May 24, 2006

No Net Presents (sic)

I spent a little while talking to a big player in the Norwich web-scene and was very impressed with what he had to say about politics. Interestingly enough this blog is a daily read for him - and he has nothing but praise for the party website both nationally and locally.

However, he found that the LibDem ones were pretty poor. The local one is a shambles and very very out of date. The national one is difficult to navigate. He believed it was because they were trying to play with the yellow/gold theme - I believe it is because the content is so poor. He said that they should abandon party colours and go with what works best. Failed LibDem PPC AAD used to have website but it was never (and I mean, never) updated and has now disappeared. Similarly, Charles Clarke used to have a website and now I can't find that. Norwich Labour have, to our collective knowledge, never had one. Only the Green Party have an up-to-date viable website.

I am pleased that both Cameron's Conservatives and the Norwich Conservatives lead the way in this field. E-Campaigning will become more and more important.

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Anonymous said...

that local libdem site is shockingly ugly! If ur going to do it, do it properly i say!