Monday, May 29, 2006

Sir Ming: An apology

Those poor souls who make up whatever is left of the Liberal Democrats in Britain have been having a hard time of it recently. I don’t like to comment on the woes of the LibDems … actually, sod that because they revelled in it when the Conservatives were struggling. Sir Ming is turning out to be the worst leader they could possibly have had – and YouGovs work in the Daily Telegraph shows his rating continue to slide. Even the anyone-but-the-Tories Anthony King had to concede the LibDems were struggling just to keep their head above the water. Then came news that they might go bust having to repay a nice man his £2.4m, then Home Affairs Spokesman Nick Clegg did-slash-did-not criticise Sir Ming, then the fiasco over the opening shots in the Bromley by-election … and now Deputy Leader Vince Cable has mooted £6bn worth of tax cuts without demonstrating where the money will come from. The LibDems always struggle bridging the credibility gap and this will not help them. My advice? Shut up about policy, Sir Ming must get batter at PMQs and sack somebody to underline his leadership (preferably the plotting Simon Hughes).

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