Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Norwich Conservatives select new Leader

Following Thursday’s election results, which saw the number of Conservative Councillors on Norwich City Council double, newly elected Councillor Antony Little, will take on the role of leading the new Group.

Councillor Little, 27, who won the formerly safe Labour seat of Bowthorpe, said:
“Becoming a Councillor in the Labour heartland of Bowthorpe and Earlham has shown people that the Conservatives can – and will – win in the City of Norwich. We are now fired up, enthused and ready to take on a Labour and LibDem City Council that has fundamentally lost its way and lost the trust of local people.”

“My years of doorstep campaigning and of being a parliamentary candidate in Norwich South last year means that I bring a wealth of experience to the job of being Conservative Leader in Norwich.”

Cllr Little, who works as a local High School teacher, will also shadow the Environment and Community Portfolio holders.

Fellow Conservative Councillor Eve Collishaw, who represents Catton Grove Ward, will take on shadowing the economic affairs and transport portfolio holders. Cllr Collishaw welcomed Cllr Little to the role and said: “We have a job holding the Council to account, and we will do that with renewed vigour.”


Anonymous said...

Seems as if congratulations are needed once again. From strength-to-strength it would seem!

Anonymous said...

hi mr little i came across your blog somehow!! congratulations on everyhting!! you have achieved so far
who knows you could be a norwich south MP one day.

Anonymous said...

Antony, well done on the Wendene crossings. I got hit and sprawled crossing the Heigham Road/Earlham Road Zebra. If like yourself I was not of the athletic physique and age that I bounced, my teaching career could have quickly been nipped in the bud. Looking down at the crossing all the white markings were worn away, approach warnings unclear or ambiguous. A death trap. I'm fine and reported the matter to City Hall and Highways. I just highlights that creating crossings is needed, but also proper maintenance is also required.

Rob W Earlham