Monday, May 22, 2006

Home Office troubles, the Fox finds his feet and my diary

I was always an admirer of Dr Liam Fox, the Conservative Chairman at the last General Election. His tactic of standing as a Tory Leadership contender to position himself for the next Shadow Cabinet seemed not to have paid off when Cameron offered him Shadow Defence Secretary and offered his old Shadow Foreign Affairs position to “party darling” William Hague. However, Dr Fox has been working hard (on both sides of the Atlantic) and nobody can doubt the energy he has put in. The recent Telegraph article about fighting the terrorist threat to our energy supplies is excellent and I glad to see him broadening the horizons of his portfolio.

Meanwhile, Shadow Home Secretary David “Basher” Davis has seen off another Home Office Minister – this time its Harrow’s finest Tony McNulty being shuffle out of Immigration and into Policing. However, to paraphrase DD, why should somebody who fouled up immigration be any better dealing with police reform? Funnily enough, David Cameron thinks the issue of police reform – the last great-unreformed public service – warrants a shadow minister of its own.

We have a clutch of by-elections locally at the moment – in North Norfolk, Diss in South Norfolk and now also in West Suffolk. I’ll post reports as and when I visit each.

We’re off for our first scan tomorrow and then the Council AGM. Oh, joy.

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