Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Well I’ve failed to make my pledge to blog each day (hey, but unlike Blair, at least I can admit a failing!). Thankfully it isn’t a resigning issue!

At least I have a good excuse – in the last week we have shifted an incredible amount of literature as postal votes start to go out. Last week I had Shadow Minister for Young People Charles Hendry and former Education Secretary Gillian Shepherd both swoop in to support my campaign. Saturday was amazing – so many helper we ran out (yes, ran out!) of leaflets. Our campaign is becoming very targeted and, luckily we now have a round of newspapers to deliver! It is crazy now, just a week or so before the poll. I am still amazed at the number of people getting involved – either through asking questions or wanting to help. Posters are up around the place, the Newmarket Road looks very blue but so too are the back streets. Who could imagine a campaign where Tuckswood and West Earlham – not traditional Tory heartlands – would have “Vote Conservative” posters up? Don’t believe a word the opinion polls say, this one’s gonna be close!

Today I am shackled to the whiteboard at work, followed by an evening on the doorsteps. Tomorrow we have a senior shadow cabinet member coming, a senior board member on Thursday and two debates at the end of the week!

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