Sunday, April 10, 2005

The first weekend of campaigning has been an interesting one, although I do fear that interest in politics fell to an all-time low. Friday morning I feel honoured to have been able to watch the funeral of Pope John Paul II – truly we must be grateful to live in a world of instant communications. That afternoon I spent most of the time going through correspondence, writing letters and the like whilst my team made a start on the poster campaign.

Saturday was a big day, spending the morning in New Costessey going door to door and the afternoon we split up to cover both Chapel Break and Clover Hill in Bowthorpe. The reception was excellent – one chap even leaning out of his window to shout support as we went down the street. I met one young lady who took time out of gardening to share her feeling of let down by Labour – eight years, she said, and we’re going backwards. Another vote there! Sunday meant a lie-in (!) and some time with Emily following leafleting in Bowthorpe and Eaton – although leafleting in the sunshine is more like canvassing given the number of people you meet! A great reception, even those non-Tories were happy to see the candidate out and about. Only one very rude person – an out-and-out LibDem at that. Still, outweighed by getting a new leafleter and poster site. This evening, family dinner and Bremner!

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