Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Last night was another good night – we had a campaign launch in Thorpe Hamlet under the watchful eye of our candidate and association chairman Trevor Ivory. We descended mob handed upon the area and got a really good response. One young lady, who recently had a child had this to say to me:

”I have always voted LibDem because you don’t have to put any thought into it. Since I’ve been off with my baby I’ve watched most of the election coverage live. I saw the LibDem manifesto launch and it scared me. We’re both now voting Conservative.”

There’s been quite a massive shift in Thorpe Hamlet, a few LibDem switchers to Labour and a few to us. Rather more disgruntled Labour voters saying they won’t vote at all and a good chunk of Labour voters switching directly to the Conservatives. Issues raised on the doorstep included Kyoto, fox hunting and immigration.

Can’t believe the polls at the moment – I know I’m a Tory candidate but the feeling on the ground is much better. Poor Kennedy (for whom, as fellow first time fathers I have some limited sympathy) got a real roasting on Newsnight last night. Poor chap, so apparently a nurse married to a fireman is worse off under the LibDems. Nice to know.

Later today I am off to the UEA to meet Shadow Minister Charles Hendry coming to launch our latest poster and university funding policies. Then, after a meeting at school, we are canvassing in Bowthorpe. The new “Vote Little” posters are springing up at the moment, not least on my garden gate!

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