Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Are those blisters on my feet so soon?

Well, day two has been as proactive as day one for sure! This morning I spent a few hours in my Campaign Office answering e-mails and letters from local people about policies – issues such as climate change, the Child Support Agency, discipline in schools and pensions were covered. We have also this morning sent out our second campaign e-mail – hoping to do a couple per week during the lead up to polling day.

From there I joined a team out and about in Nelson Ward and enjoyed a couple of hours meeting people in and around Earlham Road. Pleased to get new poster sites and interesting that the LibDem vote really is crumbling – some shifting to us and some going Green. There are a lot of Green posters in Nelson – quite scary.

After lunch it was out again to Town Close Ward going in and around the Unthank Road. I met an old colleague from my former school (who pleasingly is switching from LibDem to me!) and found my way around the system of flats again. Leafleting Winchester Tower bought back memories of when I was helping Geoff Williams in the old St. Stephen’s Ward in 2000 – ah, the good old days!

Several nappies and a brief flick through the Evening News (great article on yesterday’s launch, and interesting to note that even they say the election is between the Tories and Labour) it was then over to New Costessey. The team from South Norfolk are trying really hard to wrench the county seat back and it was great to see them at work!

Robert Sturdy, local MEP, is joining us later in the week too. Now, to bed… earlier than last night but still not great (and now Emily’s crying!)

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