Friday, April 08, 2005

Due to a problem yesterday with either or my computer, this post is a few hours late…

Another day out campaigning – going from one end of the City to the other! This morning was mainly spent in the campaign office, signing off election material, replying to the e-mails and letters I get and overseeing the last big mailing of the pre-campaign (yes, despite the hype parliament hasn’t yet dissolved for the election!).

Over lunchtime I got to spend some precious time with baby Emily whilst Louise hit the shops. She was awake the whole time and getting really alert. Even our very own Cllr Collishaw fell for her!

This afternoon began with a five-hour (yes, count ‘em!) delivery and canvass session in the St. Giles area of the City Centre. Ever since the boundary changed people assumed that Mancroft became unwinable for the Tories – not a bit of it judging by today’s reception!

Then, after another hour or so dealing with correspondence, it was out again to New Costessey. Despite the rain, my team and I managed to hurl ourselves around. Main questions on the doorstep were about crime and immigration. Good day all around.

Being a candidate I must admit taking less time to look at the national campaign. The BBC Website and Newsnight are as about as far as I get at the moment, although I do find Michael Crick to be very bias! Today’s posters from Labour were interesting. One gentleman told me on the doorstep that if asked who should run the country, he’d answer Michael Howard without hesitation!

As for the LibDems, another day, another barrage of spending commitments. I wonder if it is the knowledge that they’ll never win or just economic incompetence that keeps their spirits up? Nobody can doubt their motives but we all realise that to fulfil their plans you’d have to raise tax even beyond the 40 hikes that they want! A good day for Michael Howard and, after yesterday’s PMQs stormer, a great press too.

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