Monday, April 11, 2005

Today was the day that reality hit home – and there weren’t even any children in school! The whole (working) day was spent on GCSE coursework moderation and cleaning out my desk in preparation for the new term. Many people, including my colleagues, expressed surprise that I didn’t have more time off – but they don’t realise that with my number of exam classes more than just the voters of Norwich South rely on me!

This evening has to have been my favourite canvassing session for a long time – we were doing roads off Bluebell Road and also Earlham Road. We found lots of staunch Tories cheered to have visits. I know I shouldn’t be pleased, but there are also a lot of LibDem to Labour switchers, and as this is Roy Blower County he should be proud of what he has achieved. People certainly hold him in higher regard than the LibDem Councillors (though, of course, our very own Tom Holland would do a better job even than Blower!) I got the chance to have a few really good in depth discussion with people tonight – focusing in on tax and education. You know you make a difference when one non-voter and one ex-LibDem come away pledging their support. My favourite comment of the night: “My family and I haven’t had a political thought between us since 1983 – so obviously we’re voting LibDem.”

Whilst we were busy putting up posters today (got more sights whilst out canvassing!) the national campaign got into full swing with the publication of our manifesto. It is good to see all of our policy work being bought together in a very slim document – small manifesto, small government perhaps.

Why vote Conservative – cleaner hospitals, school discipline, lower tax, more police, controlled immigration. It’s getting clearer by the day.

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