Wednesday, April 13, 2005

We’ve had the best day’s campaigning for a long time today. School went well, there seems to be as much interest in the general election as there is in the Head Student election! I even managed a sneaky pop home to check on Emily today – she’s not been sleeping during the day at the moment (although is sleeping at night!) and we’re doing the whole new-parent-paranoia at the moment. I had a phone call this afternoon from a lady furious because apparently a LibDem canvassed her and told her that the Tories lost their deposit at the last election! I laughed – she then looked it up on the BBC website and was outraged at that lie.

I will make a rare entry here praising the EDP for their constituency profile of Norwich South today – at last quite rightly pointing out that the Tories are second and that the LibDem is making his third attempt to not come third!

Spent the afternoon preparing for tomorrow’s visits – we have Alan Duncan coming early afternoon and then I’m off with Rita Stevens to present the Ellacombe petition in the late afternoon.

We soon hit the streets of Lakenham and what a canvass! I knew the area was going to be good for us but to get three new members, a deliverer and a helper on polling day in one session is going great guns. Loads of support, one chap switching to us from Labour over immigration, another lady moving LibDem to Conservative because she’s impressed with Howard’s stand over school discipline. Very little mention of today’s Labour manifesto launch. You’ve made a big impression then, Tony!

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