Sunday, April 10, 2005

LibDem Negativity Watch – Part II

Well, I have to say that this entry comes by popular demand. It has received 5 e-mail nominations, not all from budding Tories either. I am going to handover now to “SJ”, who starts his/her e-mail by saying that she is voting Green after years of being LibDem, turned off by their negative campaigning. In her own words…

“The newspaper put out by the LibDems contains more than just negative words about the Tories. As a Green voter you get used, now, to regular negative comment from the LibDems. Take, for example, the story “Greens demand economic disaster for Norwich” in the same newspaper. I didn’t even get to read the story for the mist of fury rose before I got to that point. The Greens have never demanded an economic disaster; they simply have a point of view. At no point has Adrian Ramsay, or any other Green Councillor, lept to their feet in the council chamber and shouted “I want an economic disaster – now”. You don’t see greens lining the streets shouting, “What do we want? Economic disaster! When do we want it? Now!” You are right to point out the negative tactics of the LibDems, but don’t for a minute believe they are all aimed at the Tories.”

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