Sunday, May 01, 2005

A little something to muse on...

Our vote on Thursday is about who will make Britain, and Norwich, better; about who will provide more police, cleaner hospitals, lower tax and discipline in schools. It’s also about who will be our next local MP.

If you vote Conservative, you’ll have a government that will treat senior citizens with respect, put more police on the beat, put Matron back in charge to clean up hospitals, allow Headteachers to tackle disruptive pupils and believes in value-for-money.

If you vote for me, you’ll have a local MP. I live in the City Centre, am married with a young family and teach at Notre Dame High School. I believe an area is best represented by somebody who is part of the community.

If you vote for me, you’ll have an active MP. I have been campaigning on issues that matter to people - against mobile phone masts, putting more police on the beat, freeing up our City roads, cleaning up St. Stephen’s underpass and for better recycling in Norwich. I have also worked with the community campaign to save Ellacombe Care Home.

If you vote for me, you’ll have an in-touch MP. I always keep in contact through my website, regular leaflets and on-line diary.

On the doorstep, people tell me that they are fed up with Charles Clarke and don’t believe that the LibDem candidate, who lives in Suffolk, can win. Please, use your vote to make the difference. I believe I can be the MP that Norwich South deserves.

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