Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Today has been a frantic last minute dash to get everything done and I think we managed it. Tellers are in place, leaflets printed and people ready to go. The last day of real-time campaigning always feels slightly odd, and tonight’s leafleting and canvassing session felt a bit strange, knowing next time we’re doing it to get out the vote. Still, across the constituency today, in Eaton, Town Close, Nelson, Cringleford and University, people were coming across to us. In an election where tonight we got two new members from people on the streets, anything could happen.

People often ask me for my prediction – unlike the LibDems I don’t make predictions. Today I spoke to a gentleman outraged by the LibDem tactics. He said that whilst the opposition claim a two-horse race, in reality the voters decide who wins. “It could be the ruddy Revolutionary Workers for all they [the LibDems] know, people could vote for anybody,” he said.

Also today I have had a real variety of issues on the phones – from the lack of quality broadcasting on the BBC to immigration and from banning fireworks to my views on abortion. At least this election, I have to say unlike 2001, is a getting people interested. I also had excellent feedback on my column in today’s Evening News.

Tomorrow is our first GOTV day, so look out for big Blue teams on the streets!

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