Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Notice of Poll

Well, it's started again with the issuing of the "Notice of Poll" and the beginning of the most bizarre set of by-election perhaps in electoral history. For those of you who missed this one ... in March the government canceled the Norwich elections because it wouldn't be worth the money to elect for one year if we were all going to be abolished pending unitary elections in May 2011. Now, the decision to cancel the elections were tied up with the unitary law, so when that law failed ... you guessed it, the election were back on!

So today has been a flurry of nomination papers, leaflets and canvass cards - like the good old days of, erm, 10 weeks ago ...

And now we're getting ready to hit the streets again tonight, in Bowthorpe, Eaton, Thorpe Hamlet and Town Close ... I deeply suspect we are more excited than the public but these are important elections and its our job to engage and get that turnout up.

As always, predictions welcome!


Norwich landlord said...

Does this mean you will also be campainging in Wensum?

I am probably one of the only few looking forward to the local byelections in Norwich as it will give us a chance to challenge some of the assumptions of how constituencies are going to go in terms of electoral support.

Wensum is a preponderant Green constituency, once held by Labour and the Lib Dems. Although I am not going to state what I feel personally about the Greens in this post I will say it will be a litmus test on the main parties in Norwich.

I am disappointed at the lack of Tory canvassing in Wensum, both in past elections and also now. I find it healthy in a democracy that all the main parties at least campaign as this gives competition. Why has there been a lack of Tory canvassing in Wensum?

Antony said...

Hi, you are correct to say that historically we haven't done much in Wensum Ward but we did manage to knock on 90% of the doors there at least once in the General Election and, as it happens, the local candidate Stephen Karanicholas (who lives in the ward) was door knocking there this morning. We very much see Wensum as a good future prospect for our party so will carry on the work there.

Peter said...

Antony I feel that Norwich Landlord is right in stating the lack of political competition in Wensum.

Wensum has suffered from large bouts of political apathy and it doesn't look like it is going to change anytime soon. Political apathy in Larkman, Marlpit and some parts of North Earlham is becoming an ever increasing reality.

We need to find a way to reconnect with the public and reintroduce some positive elements of political campaigning.

We desperately need some competition in Wensum as it looks increasingly like we will return to a one party state of affairs (with no credible alternative).

I have met people in the area who have often commented that they may not agree with everything the Greens stand for but at least they are present and visible. It is more than can be said for some other parties. I often wonder whether the Labour party has given up in Wensum and resorted to the Tory Cuts = Bad narrative which doesn't tell us much about what they stand for. It seems like they have not learned anything from previous election campaigns in the area.

I agree that I think the parties are more excited than the voters about the prospects of this election. Perhaps this reflects the great deals of political apathy this time round.