Sunday, August 22, 2010

Norwich MP lets down democracy

Regular readers of this blog will know I'm an "on the fence" Conservative when it comes to the AV vote. But this really made me laugh.

Generally the only party to be in favour of AV are the LibDems (and even then they believe it to be a poor compromise). Their party has been engaged in a competition to find a great pro-AV poster (more here) and the above is one example of that work.

Pretty shocking eh? One MP won with as little as 29% of the vote ... who could be this betrayer of democracy?

Well, step forward ...

Norwich South
Simon Wright (LibDem) - 29%
Charles Clarke (Labour) - 29&
Antony Little (for it is he, Conservative) - 23%

I am aware that some people believe this result is the prime example of why we need AV, but there is a certain irony in the LibDems using their own MPs electoral records as a reason to change the system!


Triangle said...

If the Green reckon they'll benefit from AV they are wrong - the Greens came fourth and most Green second preferences (mine included) would have gone Labour.

If Mr Wright votes and campaigns for AV he'll be signing his political death warrant.

Triangle said...

And to be fussy you don't need 50% of voters to win under AV assuming some people don't use their second preferences. It's all a maths trick. e.g.
Party A 20,000
Party B 15,000
Party C 10,000

Party A 22,000
Party B 21,000

Spot the missing voters? Party A doesn't have 50% of the votes we started with!

Of course if STV was on the ballot paper - but until then I'm a Green voter saying NO.

Peter said...

Surely it should not be about party politics but a commitment to a more reflective and representative voting system.

I find it tiresome that we have to engage in party political point scoring just to argue why we don't like AV.

Yes, it may be true that Mr Wright may be signing his own death warrant but you should also remember that this goes beyond party politics. However I do concede that in some cases an MP's own self interest may supersede his own priorities.

Comrade said...

People are entitled not to use a second preference just as they may choose not to vote at all.

Indeed - some might not use a second preference on STV

Then again, I am a liberal

Peter said...

I agree with Comrade's comments. It is true that it is up to the individual whether they want to use second preference. I for one have participated in voting systems where I have only voted for one candidate and not not used a second preference.

Peter said...

I think some assume that because it works then we should not reform it.

I am for one not of that view and believe very much that we should look at alternative voting systems which may deliver greater representation.

The cost side of it could be looked at but I don't think it is necessary integral to the principle of the argument that because something costs a certain amount we shouldn't look into it.

Anonymous said...

Not suprised a Green is against a more democratic system, there website did (and may still do) advised votes to not use all there votes if the is only one Green in a multi member election!