Tuesday, August 17, 2010

AV referendum to cost £100m

Either that figure is wrong (but as it came from Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg - I doubt it !!!) or I am voting NO just to spite whoever decided to run such an expensive waste of time just as the rest of country is bracing itself for cuts. Honestly - I know I'm a Conservative but is this really the best that the "new politics" can do?


ex Councillor said...

I agree, although by voting NO you are still participating in the exercise, I would like to see a box added to the ballot paper which states 'if you find this referendum to be a shameful waste of public money at a time when we can ill afford it and would have preferred to see this money spent on those who really need it - tick here'

Antony said...

Which way are you voting then?

ex Councillor said...

Undecided at the moment and more concerned by the estimated cost of this referendum than by how I would potentially vote if it came to it - yet also somewhat assured by the fact that we still seem to have a spare £100million knocking about in the Country's coffers for an exercise such as this - I thought we were supposed to be broke ?

Peter said...

If I had to make a decision now I would endorse AV voting. Just because it costs a certain amount it doesn't mean it shouldn't be thought about.

I am not one of those who believe in the status quo for status quo's sake.

I do believe there is a better system that First Past the Post.

The only fear I have is whether this system will translate into weak mandates for governments.
The same argument has been used against Proportional Representation.

Comrade said...

It's best it happens on the same day as the local elections then to save money ;-)

Seriously, I have yet to hear any serious argument against a switch to AV other than it may produce results that some people don't like.