Saturday, August 28, 2010

Happy or Sad?

True story ...

A friend meets a LibDem deliverer ...

Friend: Thanks for calling round but it's too late, I've done my postal vote.

LibDem: Lovely, thank you, may I ask if you supported us?

Friend: No, sorry, I voted for Antony Little

LibDem: But Antony Little isn't a candidate here - he stood in the General Election.

Friend: Oh. I have no idea who I voted for then.

UPDATE: for clarification this wasn't in Bowthorpe and the LibDem was right - I wasn't on the ballot paper!!


James Laughlin said...

Hmm - it does make you wonder.

Just a little ignorance on the part of the campaigner, or evidence of more tactics from the Orange Book?

Anonymous said...

why doesn't this surprise me? we know so little about the election its a wonder we know who is running yet along what parties.