Wednesday, August 18, 2010

LibDem Bar Chart Comeback - but it's still inacurrate - Shock.

Judging from my email inbox there is more hubbub about the LibDems using the whole Norwich South result to prove "it's a two horse race" between them and Labour and no point in voting Conservative or Green - sadly, though, they used this argument in places like Eaton (where the Tories and LibDems are around 200 votes apart with Labour fourth) and Town Close (where the Greens have a 20% lead over the LibDems with Labour in fourth).

After all we hear about "new politics" and "I understand why politicians are not trusted", surely this kind of campaigning is partly to blame? Luckily (for us) confused electors don't believe the party that mis-lead them.


Peter said...

It's interested how much currency Lib Dem's give to their quasi-mythology of Bar Charts.

However the Green Party have published a barchart showing local election results in 2009 in Wensum which I found very revealing...
In Wensum it does seem to be a two horse race with the Greens infront and Labour trailing very much behind. It is slowly becoming a one-party state with a lack of political competition from Lib Dems, the Conservatives and increasingly the Labour Party.

I do wonder what the Conservative prospects are in Wensum?
Perhaps in Lower Helleson it may gain some support as it's socio-economic demographics are different but we should be careful not to look at this in too deterministic light. I feel that Wensum is probably one of your most difficult wards to win. I do see the Conservatives prospects in the short term here looking very bleak. In the long term who knows.

In contrast I do feel that the Greens will secure a comfortable win in Wensum. The Labour Party has gone into a period of stagnation, inertia and degeneration in this ward and this is visible with a lack of proactive policies for the area. Plus the intellectually challenged leaflet that distributed. I think they need to do better instead of just saying the Coalition = Bad.

However I do expect to see a surprise result and one of the larger parties at City Hall suffering from a shock loss.

As a voter I would like to know (1) How are you going to improve the area? (2) How are you going to keep our council tax low and provide the best possible services (3) How to limit the impact of public sector cuts on the poorest in society? (4) How to make life better for people in the community? (particularly people who are in need of state support).

I am one of those who believes in the provision of Council Housing and would like to see a commitment to improving existing Council House stock but also look at alternative models such as Housing Coops. I do not want a move to fixed term tenancies which David Cameron PM has spoken of. It will be detrimental to social cohesion and goes against his 'Big Society'.

Furthermore I would like the police to be more responsive to community needs, and a move towards a more sustainable low carbon economy.

I could go on, but suffice to say I have heard very little from some local political actors in the area about how to deal with these questions.

Peter said...

It's interesting how the Lib Dems every year use that argument. But you could say in the case of Norwich South it was true. (Statistically for the 2010 General Election).
It was a two horse race between Labour and the Lib Dems.

Peter said...

I do agree that statistics can be misleading but I feel its something most political parties are guilty of.

Perhaps this reflects and ever increasing dumbing down of election material.

Anonymous said...

What is the Conservative claim that the Lib Dems can't win - going out in Eaton based on?