Friday, August 13, 2010

Night Off

I'm having a night off from campaigning (the first since the election began) to go to a wedding reception. I have to say that the campaign so far has had a sort of unreal feel to it. Large numbers of people are away at the moment and an even larger number don't know or care about this poll. We're getting lots of good support in our target wards, including Bowthorpe, but somehow I'm not sure this one has caught fire yet! Maybe the protests from council tenants (see here) will enliven the campaign and remind people about Labour's record in office.

The irony is that this campaign may just change the face of City politics for the next decade; control of City Hall is uncertain and we have some big issues to address particularly with regards to the budget. I'd love people to get a bit more into this campaign because this really is a crucial time for the City.

For what its worth I don't think we've picked up much changed voting behaviour since the General Election, most people are sticking with their choice from May - of course the lack of students may really impact - so it may come down to turnout, or lack of.

p.s. I usually carry an independent assessment of candidates, predictions etc but my usual source has gone off on holiday! If there is anybody who would like to write a review let me know and I am happy to publish!

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