Wednesday, August 04, 2010

What happened to the class of '06?

There can be few entry year of councillors who have had a more uncertain or difficult time than that of 2006. Looking at the fate of each of them makes for interesting reading considering 7 out of the 13 has led their party or served on the Executive;

Bowthorpe - Antony Little, Conservative Leader - restanding
Catton Grove - Brian Morrey, Labour Deputy Leader of the Council - de-selected / standing down
Crome - Jenny Lay, Labour - restanding
Eaton - Brian Watkins, LibDem Leader - no news yet
Lakenham - Mary Cannell, Labour - standing down
Mancroft - Howard Jago, Green - standing down
Mile Cross - Linda Blakeway, Labour Executive Member - standing down
Nelson - Claire Stephenson, Green Leader - restanding
Sewell - Sue Sands, Labour Executive Member - restanding
Thorpe Hamlet - Joyce Divers, LibDem - standing down
Town Close - Janet Bearman, Green - standing down
University - Bert Bremner, Labour Executive Member - restanding
Wensum - Tom Llewelyn, Green - standing down

Having only 5 of the original cohort re-standing is incredible and most of those going were only first elected in 2006.

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Peter said...

I am going to get personal in this post.

It comes as no surprise that Tom Llewelyn is standing down.

If I word this very carefully you could argue that it depends on what you are looking out for as a local Cllr.

Sadly in some cases I think a candidate has to do some serious personal searching to figure out why they want to stand. To often it is used as a stepping stone to bigger and better things.

I respect Tom Llewelyn's decision to step down as I feel its probably the best one for him. However going by the competition (or lack of in the case of Wensum) the new candidate should have no problem winning an election here.