Thursday, July 22, 2010

Standing Again

Well, the decision has been taken and I have decided that I will be seeking re-election as Councillor for Bowthorpe Ward.

You might remember the little issue of being removed from office by the High Court after the quashing of the Unitary verdict, but I have now applied to the Norwich South Conservatives to be the candidate for Bowthorpe at the 9th September by-election. The final decision will be made at a special meeting in late July.

The decision to remove the Councillors came as a huge shock but the time it has given me, because I could no longer do council duties, has given me the space to consider my personal future.

I would be lying if I said I had not been tempted to stand down and take a few years out of politics to catch my breath.

I am very grateful to all of the local people in both Bowthorpe and Earlham who have been urging me to re-stand and their voices have helped me to make my mind up.

I first stood for the City Council because I believe in public service and feel I could make a difference for the people of Bowthorpe and Earlham.

Fundamentally, I believe that residents ought to make the decision if I have been a good local Councillor and if they wish to give me another term in office, rather than it being the decision of an unelected judge.

I still have a lot more I wish to do for the people of Bowthorpe and Earlham, so I have decided to give it a shot at winning their trust to serve on the council.

I am grateful to the support of my family, my council colleagues from all parties and local people in helping me make this decision.

So let's get down to it - campaignin' time again!


Trevor Ivory said...

Quite right to - didn't put in all that time to get you elected for nothing. Let me know about campaigning and North Norfolk will be right behind you.

Peter said...

I am pleased that a dedicated cllr such as yourself has decided to stand again.

I would like to know in particular what policies in particular you stand for?