Sunday, July 11, 2010

Not One But Many

It isn't one bad teacher in a school that we ought to be worried about, but when there are many bad teachers in a school.

A good friend often reminds me, that bad teaching by a teacher means they can go back and improve next year. But a bad year of teaching for a pupil, and they never get that time back.


Anonymous said...

I guarantee that you're not half as good a teacher as you think you are.

Besides, you're at a nice school. Try earning your money somewhere where you have to work at teaching

Antony said...

well clearly you know little about my school - where half the kids come from the most deprived areas in Norfolk / Suffolk and where the numbers of statemented pupils has risen threefold in the last 3 years. Try to be a little more informed and respectful before you post snide anonymous comments.

In addition I am as good as OFSTED and my school say I am - "outstanding."

Oh, and I did 2 years in a tough London school thanks which I where I learnt that the best solution to classroom behaviour issues is good teaching and learning.