Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Unitary Riddle

One of the big arguments in favour of Unitary is that it is wrong for representatives from areas miles away to vote on issues which impact on your area. So, for example, a Councillor from far-a-way Sprowston shouldn't vote on the closure (or not) of Westlegate.

Yet last night, in the House of Commons, Labour MPs were bussed in on a three-line whip to defeat a Tory motion about the shambles of the Norwich Unitary proposals and so MPs from areas miles away were voting on issues which impact on us here in Norwich. So, for example, Labour MPs from Glasgow, Liverpool and London were voting on Norwich Unitary.

Spot the contradiction?

Shouldn't Labour have left this vote only to MPs whose areas are affected - those in Suffolk, Devon & Norfolk? Oh, no ... that would have meant they would have lost the vote wouldn't it? After all, MPs from Norwich North, South Norfolk, North Norfolk, South West Norfolk, North West Norfolk & Mid Norfolk all opposed the Unitary with only 2 MPs (Norwich South and Yarmouth) voting in favour.

Unitary riddle or Labour hypocrisy?

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Anonymous said...

Excellent thoughts.. I did challenge Chairman Rupers on a similar thought re Sheringham tesco's and the fact that a stalham councillor decided to vote against Tesco's then had to scan the rule book for a reason. He, quite deliberately, attempted to belittle me.

Anyhow you'll be pleased to know that his mobile phone is now working again and he still isn't answering questions about his wifes work for the Economist.

This whole unitary business is an utter farce and really should have been left till after the General Election. How much is it costing Norfolk taxpayers?