Thursday, March 18, 2010

Business As Usual

I am incredibly grateful to all the messages of support we've had since the news of death threats on our Campaign HQ came out.

All of us on the Conservative campaign are deeply shocked at this and will continue to help the police fully with their investigation. We are very grateful to the team at Ferndale Business Centre who worked quickly to remove this vile statement.

In politics you get used to the rough and tumble of debate but this takes it to new levels. Our campaign offices are in the use a lot of the time, including at night for meetings with local residents. This is either a sick joke or a very real threat to local democracy because it is intended to make people not feel safe.

Many many people give up their time and effort to support my campaign to be our next MP. If this is an attempt to stop them, I have one message - it won't work. We are used to some unsavory elements locally but their opinions are best expressed through the ballot box, rather than death threats. This incident has made us more determined to get out there and sell the Conservative message to the people of Norwich. It's business as usual as far as we are concerned because democracy doesn't halt in the face of an unpleasant minority.

I would also like to thank my fellow candidates for their messages of support, including ones from MPs Charles Clarke and Chloe Smith.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ant,

I had to look twice in the local rag to beleive it. Pretty disgusting stuff. Sounds like the threat of a coward with extreme minority views. Good luck in your campaigning.

On a healthier and genuine POV, I disagree with your Unitary position and query whether you are washing on green and sustainability issues? Do you ride a bike Antony???

Antony said...

Thanks for your support; I don't ride a bike but I have no need to - I walk between my home, job and City Hall and tend to drive or a catch a bus (depending on what Louise is doing - we're a one car family) to Bowthorpe/Earlham.

I doa lot for the environment within my homelife and familylife so I don't think you can distill it down to one activity.

Evene Green Cllrs have been known to take short haul flights... ;-)

Maggie said...

I want to show my support and I am glad that across the political spectrum people have condemned this vile act.

I do disagree with some of your policies for not being Conservative enough, but I am glad you are our Tory PPC.

I would like the Conservatives to move more towards the Right and make an immediate pledge to cut spending and reduce taxes. I do not believe in a large welfare state. I would like to see more market involvement in the NHS, and privatize social services. Cameron has made some progress in the idea of bringing in the third sector but I believe it does not go far enough.

A minimal welfare state is the only one in our best interests. I am skeptical of any state solution to problems, except for the institution of the NHS.

Jane said...

To Anon.

Antony Little did campaign against the Conservative County Council's initial recommendations for building an incinerator at the Longwater site in Costessey.

We are all thankful for his support. I would consider that a commitment to the environment and Green issues.

Antony said...

Thanks Jane - good to see you posting here!

On Green issues I am looking forward to the climate change debate this Thursday because we have some positive enviornment policies especially at a local level.

Red Star said...

I will have to agree with Jane but also find how ironic the issue is.
Antony Little campaigned against the ruling Conservative administration at County Hall against the incinerator proposal at Longwater Lane New Costessey. Would you consider their original proposed site to build an incinerator symbolic of Cameron's Green Agenda? I think not.

Antony should be congratulated for campaigning against this issue (although we politically disagree most of the time). So I agree to a certain degree with Jane's comments.