Saturday, March 06, 2010

Mr & Mrs

So the Mail on Sunday have published a frontpage story claiming that Samantha Cameron once voted Labour; I suppose we all do silly things sometimes, but on this occassion she didn't - according to CCHQ, Mrs Cameron not only voted Conservative in 1997 but took 5 weeks off work to campaign for her husband in Stafford.

However, even if she did, should we expect political spouses to vote the same way as their partners? After all, I assume that Mr and Mrs Bercow vote different ways (him being the former right wing MP turned Speaker, her being the Labour local government candidate).


Comrade said...

Churchill's wife always voted Liberal - sensible lady!!

Red Star said...

To be honest Antony. I couldn't care less. It will not maximize my utility any further is she has voted Labour in the past or not. Unless it depended on one sole vote.

The local issues I care about are as follows:
(1) turning lights off in and around Norwich, (2) Closing Day Care Centers, (3) Cutting funding to special educational needs.
This seems to me to be a microcosm of a Conservative government and the Tory cutting machine at work.

Do you endorse the switch off and cutting funding to special educational needs? I know the Norwich Tories stance on Day Care Centres contrasts with the County -so does that mean you have a disagreement?

Perhaps you could talk about those issues instead of whether Samantha Cameron once voted Labour or not.