Friday, March 12, 2010

Guardian / Independent Sales Down Again

The latest figures show that the sales of The Guardian have slipped again to their lowest in 16 years - see here for more. The Independent has crashed again too. I have two friends, one of whom was a very loyal Guardian reader and the other an occassional Independent reader, both of whom have stopped reading in the last few weeks. They haven't switched papers but have stopped reading and turned to online news and blogs. Both have done it when the rags switched to default election mode of Tory-bashing instead.

I think that backing Labour at this election might not be commerically viable.


Anonymous said...

Maybe this will mean that i can buy one after lunchtime on a weekday now! The main reason I catch up via blogs is because I simply can't get hold of a good paper by the time I can get to the shops. Hmph.

Antony said...

I fear not, Anon - the likelyhood is that shops cut their orders of the paper to match circulation falls, so you are as unlikely to find a Grauniad tomorrow as you were last week.

p.s. When I was at UEA you couldn't get the Telegraph after 10am, and I was sure they never ordered more because it was Tory supporting!

Anonymous said...

And the Times readership has decreased by an even higher 16.9%, but don't let the facts get in the way of some left-wing press bashing eh, Little?

Anonymous said...

But The Times is still a big seller; these 2 leftie rags are close to meltdown, the Times isn't.