Friday, February 23, 2007

Dean's hat goes back in the ring

I like Gordon Dean - which is now probably the kiss of death - and I think he made an excellent contribution to Norwich civic life. It is therefore good news that I am told he is to re-stand for Council. However it is bad news that I hear it is for Lakenham Ward. Mr Dean will attempt to overturn Labour's wafer-thin 15 vote majority here - tougher than it sounds because Labour's candidate is the equally well known Keith Driver. Whatever happens it'll be a close and tough fight and whoever loses, then the council will have lost a good person. Why don't the LibDems bury the 2004 hatchett and give Gordon Dean the seat he deserves ... assuming they have any safe seats left in the City? ;-)


Anonymous said...

Why give a very good candidate a safe seat? The trick is to give slightly weaker candidates safe seats and deploy the strongest candidates in wards you are looking to gain.

Antony said...

Normally I would totally agree - but unfortunatly that practice by the LibDems means that when a wipeout of marginal seats occurs, their rump council group is, well, on the ineffective side.

You do need to ensure that your leadership is able to retain their seats and I would expect Gordon Dean to be a LibDem frontbencher by anyones standard.

Lubbock, Couzens, Watkins and Cooke justify their frontbench places ... the others, I think not.

They need Dean.

Anonymous said...

"Lubbock, Couzens, Watkins and Cooke justify their frontbench places ... the others, I think not."

Is this not the Grrens situation with 4-5 main players and having a B team?

Anonymous said...

How was council, what council tax increase will we have?